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44 BCE

Forge alliances, betray rivals, and outmaneuver opponents in a dynamic game of political brinkmanship set against the backdrop of the Roman Republic's collapse.

Untamed Acres

In Untamed Acres, players compete in a thrilling race to tame the wild horses of the frontier, employing strategic fence placement, ranching, and wrangler management to emerge victorious.

In Order To Win

Each player's success in "In Order to Win" depends on their ability to anticipate the preferences and strategies of their opponents, adding a strategic layer to the game.

Adam Richards

44 BCE is an outstanding game. It’s absolutely brilliant ... it’s already in my Top 3 games of the year so far. Superb stuff, bravo Gray Forrest Games, take a bow.

From Concept to Creation:

Meet Kelly, Christian, and Holt - Architects of Your Gaming Experience!

Step into the world of Gray Forrest Games, where creativity, strategy, and design converge to shape unforgettable gaming experiences. With Holt leading the charge as the game designer, Kelly bringing the worlds to life with her graphic design mastery, and Christian weaving the elements seamlessly together, our team is committed to delivering top-notch games that captivate and inspire.

Holt’s passion for innovative game mechanics drives the creative process, resulting in games that offer dynamic and immersive gameplay experiences.

Kelly’s artistic vision infuses each game with richly detailed artwork that transports players to fantastical realms and historical settings alike.

Christian’s expertise in integrating gameplay and design ensures that every aspect of our games, from mechanics to aesthetics, works harmoniously to create an unforgettable gaming journey for every player.


Fostering player interaction


Encouraging planning & execution


Crafting original experiences

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